Volume 44,1 (2011)

Volume 44,2 (2011)

Volume 44,3 (2011)

Volume 44,4 (2011)

Volume 44,1 (2011) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Ajetomobi, J. O.
Productivity Improvement in Ecowas Millet Farming

Frezza D., Leon A., Logegaray V., Chiesa A.
Postharvest Quality of Green Onion Grown in Soilless Culture: Effect of Packaging and Storage Temperature

Jeníček V.
Latin America Situation of Economy

Štibinger J.
Land Use, Soil Conservation and Rain Harvesting Structures on a Slope Land Orchard at Sufen (Taiwan) During of Action of Typhoon Herb - Elementary Numerical Experiment

Ugwumba, C. O. A.
Technical Efficiency of Catfish Production in Anambra State, Nigeria: a Translog Stochastic Frontier Production Function Approach.

Review Articles

Klásková T., Fernández C. E.
Mauka - ä Promise for Fighting With the Unbalanced Nutrition of High Mountain Regions

Short Communications

Abdussalam A. A., Salah Mahmoud Yadem, Sovjak R.
Effect of Hormonal Treatment on Sex Reversal of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fry

Mohammad A. A.
The Effects of Water and Heat Stress on Wheat

Volume 44,2 (2011) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Achoja F.O.
Growth and Survival of Small-Scale Agribusiness Firms in Delta State, Nigeria

Assemaninejad A., Kazempour M.N., Padasht F., Rahimian H.
Detection of Xanthomonas oryzae pv.oryzae from rice seeds through Bio-PCR technique in paddy fi elds of Guilan province in northern Iran

Bílek L., Böhm M., Veloz L., Montenegro F.
Production Improvement of Cordia alliodora (Ruiz & Pavon) Oken Plantations in Lowland Tropics of Ecuador

Fasae O.A., Olatunji J.A.
Effect of Simple Processing Methods of Cassava Leaves on Hydrocyanic Acid Content and Utilization by Sheep

Jeníček V.
Africa: Situation of Economy

Svatoš M., Smutka L.
China and India – Trade Partners of EU Agribusiness

Stibinger J.
Hydraulic Function of Subsurface Pipe Drainage System on Agricultural and Drainage Experimental Field in Mashtul Pilot Area (Nile Delta, Egypt)

Review Articles

Šoch M., Lukešová D., Šťastná J., Hamadejová K.
The Occurrence and Survival of Parasitic Causative Agents in Slurry

Rapid Communication

Olowe V.I.O., Adeniregun O.O.
Appropriate Threshing Procedure Guarantees Enhanced Grain Yield of Dehiscent Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Short Communications

Svitáková J., Výborná M.
Current Microfinance Options in the Czech Republic and their Further Development by the Microfi nance Foundation

Volume 44,3 (2011) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Haladová D., Cundr O., Pecen J.
Selection of Optimal Anaerobic Digestion Technology for Family Sized Farm Use – Case Study of Southwest Madagascar

Roy S., Gurusubramanian G.
Bioefficacy of Azadirachtin Content of Neem Formulation against Three Major Sucking Pests of Tea in Sub Himalayan Tea Plantation of North Bengal, India

Banaeian N., Omid M., Ahmadi H.
Improvement of Cost Efficiency in Strawberry Greenhouses by Data Envelopment Analysis

Yakubu A.
Path Analysis of Conformation Traits and Milk Yield of Bunaji Cows in Smallholder’s Herds in Nigeria

Kment P., Kocmánková L., Krepl V.
Czech Republic’s Environmental Development Cooperation with Central Asia

Jeníček V.
Asia: Situation of Economy

Short Communications

Vidová J., Sovják R.
Some Aspects of South American Beef Export to Europe

Book Reviews

Holub A.
Improving Animal Welfare. A Practical Approach. Edited by Temple Grandin. CAB International 2010

Baranyiová E.
A.F. Fraser: The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse, 2nd Edition. CAB International 2010

Letter to Editor

Baranyiová E.
Two International Meetings on Animal Behaviour

Volume 44,4 (2011) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Banaeian N., Zangeneh M.
Estimating Production Function of Walnut Production in Iran Using Cobb-Douglas Method

Křepelková V., Sovják R.
Effect of High Pressure Treatment on Listeria innocua in Dry Cured Fermented Meat Products

Ganchimeg G., Havrland B.
Economic Analysis of Household Energy Consumption: The Case of Herders in Mongolia

Habibi R., Niknejhad Kazempoor M., Elahinia A., Rabiei B. , Ebadi A.
Application of Simplified-AFLP to Assess Genetic Diversity of Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae Strains Isolated from Rice and Wheat Hosts

Tauchen J., Lojka B., Hlásná-Čepková P., Svobodová E., Dvořáková Z., Rollo A.
Morphological and Genetic Diversity of Calycophyllum spruceanum (Benth) K. Schum (Rubiaceae)in Peruvian Amazon

Achoja, F.O.
Economic Effects of Malaria on the Productivity of Artisanal Fishers in Lake Ona, Delta State, Nigeria

Review Articles

Hatskevich A., Jeníček V., Antwi Darkwah S.
Shea Industry - a Means of Poverty Reduction in Northern Ghana

Vostrovský V., Jablonská E.
geographical analysis of the mushroom growing possibilities in the developing countries

Book Reviews

Holub A.
Animal Welfare. 2nd Edition. Edited by Michael C. Appleby, Joy A. Mench, I. Anna S. Ollson, Barry O. Hughes: CAB International 2011. XII and 328 p. ISBN-13: 978 1 84593 876 3