Volume 46,1 (2013) - NEW CONTENTS

Volume 46,2 (2013) - NEW CONTENTS

Volume 46,3 (2013) - NEW CONTENTS

Volume 46,4 (2013) - NEW CONTENTS

Volume 46,1 (2013) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Peter Pal’ove-Balang, Anna Murinova, Veronika Zelinova
Nitrogen Uptake and Free Amino-Acid Accumulation in Roots of Lotus corniculatus Cultivars under Al-Stress

Michel Kolarikova, Bohumil Havrland, Tatiana Ivanova
Energy Balance of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Grown for Energy Purposes

Felix Odemero Achoja, Christopher Okereke Chukwuji
Response of Poultry Agribusiness Risk to Financial Fragility and Macroeconomic Shocks in Nigeria (2004-2009)

Oluwatosin Oluwasegun Fasina
Determinants of Perceived Effectiveness of Organic Fertilizer Used by Farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria

Katerina Zizkova, Radim Kotrba, Alica Kocisova
Effect of Changes in Behaviour on the Heart Rate and its Diurnal Variation in a Male and a Female Eland (Taurotragus oryx)

Book Reviews

Eva Baranyiova
A.F. Fraser: Feline Behaviour and Welfare, CABI Wallingford 2012, ISBN 978 1 845 939 274 (pbk), XI and 198 pages

Volume 46,2 (2013) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Vaclav Kouba
Rinderpest Global Eradication Management

Olalekan Suleiman Sakariyawo, Akeem Abdulahi Oyekanmi, Oluwakemi Oladoyin Bakare, Sunday Gbenga Aderibigbe, Christopher John Okonji, Thomas Oladeji Fabunmi
Growth and Yield Responses of NERICA Rice Varieties to Different Sources of Organic Fertilizer in Transitory Rainforest Zone of Nigeria

Efemena Dolor Dickens
Propagation of Treculia africana as influenced by seed storage and propagation media

Rameeh Valiollah
Effect of Salinity Stress on Yield, Component Characters and Nutrient Compositions in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Genotypes

Jakub Stibinger
Estimation of Transient Drainage Discharge from Subsurface Pipe Drainage System in City Park Next to Mseno Dam (Czech Republic)

Vladimir Krepl, Petr Kment, Zdenek Valis
Environmental Development in Central Asia: towards Sustainability?

Book reviews

Daniela Lukesova
Henk Bakker: Food Security in Africa and Asia. Strategies for Small-scale Agricultural Development, CAB International 2011, ISBN: 978 1 84593 841 3 and 246 p.

Volume 46,3 (2013) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Jonathan Ogagaoghene Isikwenu
Performance, Haematology and Serum Chemistry of Weaner Rabbits Fed Urea-Treated and Fermented Brewer’s Dried Grains Groundnut Cake-Based Diets

Stepanka Holeckova, Richard Policht, Dominika Polichtova
Multivariate Discrimination of Czech Autochthonous Horses

Sunday Ojo Adigbo, Thomas Oladeji Fabunmi, Anthony Isadeha, Veronica Bola Adigbo, Joy Nwakaego Odedina, K. Babatunde Korede
Effects of Preceding Cowpea on the Performance of Maize in Cowpea-Maize Sequential Cropping

Samuel Adelani Babarinde, Grace Oluwakemi Babarinde, Adeola Foluso Odewole, Olubukola Omotoyosi Alagbe
Effect of the Prevalent Insect Species of Yam Chips on Consumers’ Acceptability of Yam Paste

Iva Skalova, Tamara Fedorova, Karolina Brandlova
Saliva Crystallization in Cattle: New Possibility for Early Pregnancy Diagnosis?

Book Reviews

Bohumil Havrland
African Smallholders, Food Crops, Markets and Policy. CABI Publishing 2011, 386 pages, ISBN 978-1-845-93-716-4

Volume 46,4 (2013) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Pavla Zahumenicka, Barbora Sysova, Ales Holik, Eloy Fernandez Cusimani
In vitro Induced Mitotic Polyploidy in Drosera capensis L.

Felix Odemero Achoja
Financial Risk Threshold Determination in Broiler Enterprise in Delta State, Nigeria

Ondrej Cundr, Dagmar Haladova
Biogas Yield from Anaerobic Batch Co-Digestion of Rice Husk and Zebu Dung

Olusola Adeyanju Olorunnisomo, Gladys Abiemwense Ibhaze
Milk Yield and Feed Conversion of Sokoto Gudali Cows Fed Elephant Grass Ensiled with Cassava Peel


7th Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences, 2013

Book Reviews

Vaclav Kouba
Good Governance and Financing of EfficientVeterinary Services. OIE Scientificand Technical Review 31 (2), 2012

Eva Baranyiova
ScientificWriting for Young Astronomers, Part 2. Editor: Ch Sterken, EAS Publications Series, Volume 50, 2011. ISBN 978-2-7598-0639-3