Volume 48 (1-2) 2015 - NEW CONTENTS

Volume 48 (3-4) 2015

Volume 48 (1-2) 2015 - CONTENTS

Original Research Articles

Eniola Oluwatoyin Olorunsanya
A Gender based Economic Analysis of Yam Production among Resource Poor Farm Households in Kwara State, Nigeria

Andreas Nikodemus, Miroslav Hájek
Namibia’s National Forest Policy on Rural Development – A Case Study of Uukolonkadhi Community Forest

Jane Munonye, Chinedum Nwajiuba, Christopher Eze
Input Availability and Use under Poultry Import Prohibition: A study of Southeast Nigeria

Moshood Abiola Popoola
Zootechnical Index Analysis of West African Dwarf Rams in Southwestern Nigeria

Idris Ayinde, Folasade Oluremi Aminu, Dare Akerele
Economic Effect of Malaria on Artisanal Fish Production in a Coastal Area of Nigeria

Václav Kouba
Irreparable Global Spread of Pathogens and International Trade – Facilitating Factors

Volume 48 (3-4) 2015 - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Haruna Suleiman Umar, Amin Mahir Abdullah, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Zainal Abidin Mohamed
Welfare Implication of Paddy Price Support Withdrawal from Malaysian Rice Sector: Partial Equilibrium Method Approach

Jelili Titilola Opabode, Olufemi Victor Ajibola, Oluyemisi Amos Akinyemi
Shoot Induction from Aaxillary Bud of ß-Carotene Enriched Manihot esculenta and Molecular Stability of Regenerants

Ehiabhi Cyril Odion, Idris Salihu Ahmadu, Ahmed Rufai Aminu, Grace Lamba Luka, Shero Abdulsallam Isah, Uthman Lucky Arunah
Determination of Production Efficiency of Crop Mixtures: the Relevance of the Agronomic Efficiency Method

Ehiabhi Cyril Odion, Idris Salihu Ahmadu
Response of Maize/Soyabean Mixture to Number of Plants/Stand, Nitrogen Fertility Levels and Green Manure from the Soyabean Companion Crop

Mukhtar Musa, Ajit Singh
Influence of Cow Dung Application on the Yield and Yield Components of Two Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Varieties in Sokoto, Semi-arid Zone of Nigeria

Richmond Emuohwo Edugbo, Godson Emeka Nwofia,, Lawrence Stephen Fayeun
An Assessment of Soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) Grain Yield in Different Environments Using AMMI and GGE Biplot Models in Humid Rainforest Fringes of Southeast Nigeria

Natalie Carter, Catherine Dewey, Ben Lukuyu, Delia Grace, Cornelis deLange
Nutritional Value and Seasonal Availability of Feed Ingredients for Pigs in Uganda

Review Articles

Václav Kouba
Irreparable Global Spread of Pathogens and International Trade - Sanitary Requirements