Volume 43,1 (2010)

Volume 43,2 (2010)

Volume 43,3 (2010)

Volume 43,4 (2010)

Volume 43,1 (2010) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Amarteifio J.O., Tibe O., Njogu R.M.
The Nutrient Composition of Bambara Groundnut Landraces (Vigna subterreanea, L. Verdc.) Cultivated in Southern Africa

Anjum I.A., Usmani R.H., Tunio M.T. Abro S.H.
Improvement of Conception Rate in Crossbred Cattle by Using GnRH Analogue Therapy¨

Dickens E. Dolor, Nosayaba N., Odiete L.
Effect of Some Seed Extracts and IBA on the Rooting of Leafy Stem Cuttings of Irvingia wombolu Vermoesen

Havrland B., Hutla P., Adamovský D.
Experimental Biomass Dryer

Jeníček V.
Enterprises Entering Foreign Markets

Ofuoku A.U., Isife B.I.
Causes, Effects and Resolution of Farmers-Nomadic Cattle Herders Conflict in Delta State, Nigeria

Preininger D., Lojka B., Bechyně M., Hlavsa T.
Dynamics of Weed Species under Different Land Use Systems in Peruvian Amazon

Sanusi W.A , Adedeji I.A.
A Probit Analysis of Accessibility of Small Scale Farmers to Formal Source of Credit in Ogbomoso Zone, Oyo State, Nigeria

Tamir B.
Nutrient Composition, Digestibility and Intake of Panicum coloratum Hay or Mixed with either Stylosanthes guianensis or Trifolium prantese by Lambs

Tunku P., Odion E.C., Amans E.B., Shebayan J.A.Y., Ishaya D.B., Adekpe D.I.
Yield and Economic Returns of Maize/Soyabean Mixture as Influenced by Crop Proportion and Green Manure at Samaru, Nigeria

Review Articles

Mmereole F.U.C., Obinne J.I.
Relationship of the Body Weight and Linear Measurements of the Weat African Dwarf (WAD) Sheep under the Humid Environment of Nigeria

Němeček Z., Sovják R.
Impact of Preservatives Used in Selected Delicatessen Products on Listeria monocytogenes Survival. Part II + III

Volume 43,2 (2010) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Biswas S.K.,Khair A.,Sarker P.K.
Disease Infection and Yield of Onion as Influenced by Different Levels of Irrigation (p. 85 - 91)

Ehl P., Banout J., Lojka B., Polesny Z., Lojkova J.
Post Harvest Processing of Selected Tropical Crops Using a Natural Circulation Solar Dryer in the Peruvian Amazon Drying on Different Tropical Crops Using Natural-circulation Solar Dryer in the Peruvian Amazon (p. 92 - 96)

Handiseni M., Sibiya J., Ogunlela V., Koomen I.
Evaluation of Non-chemical Methods of Soil Sterilisation in Paprika (Capsicum annuum L.) Seedling Production in the Smallholder Farming Sector of Zimbabwe (p. 97-108)

Jeníček V.
International Transport (p. 109-112)

Klapetek V., Havrland B., Mazancová J.
Comparison of Lowland Rice Irrigation Systems in the Red River Basin (Vietnam) (p. 113-118)

Oladunjoye I.O., Ojebiyi O.O., Amao O.A.
Effect of Feeding Processed Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Peel Meal Based Diet on the Performance Characteristics, Egg Quality and Blood Profile of Laying Chicken (p. 119-126)

Momani Shaker M., Kridli R.T., Abdullah I,A.Y., Malinová M., Sonogo S., Šáda I., Lukešová D.,
Effect of Crossbreeding European Sheep Breeds with Awassi Sheep on Growth Efficiency of Lambs in Jordan (p. 127- 133)

Tiamiyu S.A., Akintola J.O., Rahji M.A.Y.
Production Efficiency among Growers of New Rice for Africa in the Savanna Zone of Nigeria (p. 134 - 139)

Vaňkát A., Krepl V., Kára J.
Animal Dung as a Source of Energy in Remote Areas of the Indian Himalayas (p. 140 - 142)

Kic P., Tůmová I., Fernandez E.C., Hlaváč Z.
Microclimatic Conditions in Tropical and Subtropical Greenhouses in the Winter Period (p. 143 - 147)

Review Articles

Sedaghat R.
Export Growth and Export Competitiveness of Iran's Pistachio (p. 148 - 152)

Short Communications

Gana K.
Water Management for Field Crops (p. 153 - 156)

Volume 43,3 (2010) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Dickens E. Dolor, Kehinde Okunomo, Peter G. Eruotor
Effect of Different Concentrations of Indole-3-Butyric Acid on the Rooting of Leafy Stem Cuttings of Irvingia wombolu (Vermosen) (p. 157 - 163)

Grófová Š., Jeníček V.
Bangladesh - Population Increase, Food Shortage (p. 164 - 170)

Kolawole O.
A Comparative Analysis of Technical and Input-Specific Allocative Efficincies of Aquaculture Farms in Southwestern, Nigeria (p. 171 - 177)

Kožený V., Srnec K.
Comparison of Retail Credit Process in the Czech Republic and Venezuela (p. 178 - 181)

Kučera V., Vyvadilová M., Klíma M.
Utilisation of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Shaan 2A in a Hybrid Breeding of Winter Oilseed Rape (p. 182 - 185)

Mazancová, J., Havrland, B.
The Role of Motivation in Extension Services in the Bié Province (Angola) (p. 186 - 190)

Nwankwo, O.O., Nwajiuba C.U., C.C. Eze C.C.
Quality Assessment of Industrial Cassava Products from Nigeria (p. 191 - 195)

Onyemauwa C.S.
Marketing Margin and Efficiency of Watermelon Marketing in Niger Delta Area of Nigeria (p. 196 - 201)

Oyegoke Oyewole Oyebamiji, Babarinde Samuel Adelani ,Agboola Adebola Racheal
Evaluation of Cleome ciliata (Capparaceae) Ethanolic Extract as Protectant against Maize Weevil (Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (p. 202 - 205)

Slíva Š., Viehmannová I., Vítámvás J.
Micropropagation and Morphogenesis of Arracacha (Arracacia xanthorrhiza Bancroft) (p. 206 - 211)

Šmejkalová I., Krepl V., Křečan L
Impact of Reflective Material on Solar Cooker Performance (p. 212 - 215)

Tomeš J., Müller M., Lukešová D.
Livestock Ear Tag's Laser Print Resistance in Conditions of Mongolia Climate (p. 216 - 221)

Tunio M.T., Abro S.H. , Rind R., Wagan R., Hashmi H.A.
In Ovo- Vaccination of Chicken Embryos with Innfectious Bronchitis Virus Vaccine (p. 222 - 226)

Výborná M., Srnec K.
Is it Possible Return to Angola in the International Coffee Market? Case Study: Angola, Province Bié. Are Microcredits the Right Choice? (p. 227 - 231)

Short Communications

Aguyoh JN., Gaoquiong L. , Ochieng J.
Influence of Greenhouse Cover Material on Light Transmission, Aphids, Mites, Powdery Mildew and Rose Petal Colour (p. 232 - 235)

Ajieh, P. Chuks
Farmers´s Perception of Alley Farming Technology in Delta State, Nigeria (p. 236 - 240)

Volume 43,4 (2010) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

O. E. Inoni
Economic Analysis of Yam Beetles (Heterolygus meles, Billb) Infestation in the North Agricultural Zone of Delta State, Nigeria (p.241-247)

Kemigabo Ch., Adámek Z.
Environmental Conditions and Natural Food Resources for Commercial Fish Production in the Valley Dams of Mbarara District, Uganda (p.248-260)

Kment P. , Krepl V.
Social Background of Environmental Development Aid in Central Asia (p.261-265)

Mojerlou S., Safaie N., Alizadeh A., Khelghatibana F.
Analysis of Septoria Leaf Blotch Progress in Wheat (p.266-276)

Muzikant M., Havrland B., Hutla P., Věchetová S.
Properties of Heat Briquettes Produced from Vine Cane Waste - Case study Republic of Moldova (p.277-284)

Obinne, J. I., Mmereole, F. U.C.
Effects of Different Dietary Crude Protein and Energy Levels on Production Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Organ Weights of Rabbits Raised Under the Humid Environment of Nigeria (p.285-290)

Ojebiyi O.O., Oladunjoye I.O., Eso I.R.
The Grain Replacement Value of Sun Dried Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Leaf and Peel Meal with or without DL-Methionine Supplementation on Performance of Rabbit Bucks in the Derived Savannah Zone of Nigeria. (p.291-299)

Pokorná I., Smutka L.
RTA and Foreign Trade. Does any Difference Exist? (p.300-307)

Rosero O.L., Rosero D. A., Lukešová D.
Determination of the capacities of the Farmers to Adopt Quinoa Grain (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) as Potential Feedstuff. (p.308-315)

Rušarová K., Havrland B., Mazancová J., Ciboch H.
Agricultural Technology Development Strategies in Angola for 2010-2020 (p.316-324)

Sintim H.O., Toru Tashiro, Motoyama N.
Insect Spectrum of a Mixed Cultivar Sesame Field (p.325-332)

Šafránková M., Srnec K.
Providing of Microcredits Requires a Specific Approach of Microfinance Institutions (p.333-340)

Review Articles

Badir Al-Gboori, Krepl V.
Importance of Date Palms as a Source of Nutrition (p.341-347)

Gaybullaev D., Krepl V.
Providing Clean and Safe Water in the Aral Sea Region by Using Water Purification Equipment Produced in the Czech Republic: Karakalpakstan Republic, Uzbekistan (p.348-351)

Lojka B., Dumas L., Preininger D., Polesny Z., Banout J.
The Use and Integration of Inga edulis in Agroforestry Systems in the Amazon - Review article (p.352-359)

Silberová P., Lukešová D., Pinc L.
The Determination of Blood Profile in Captive Wild Ungulates with Focus on Eland (Taurotragus oryx) (p.360-365)

Letter to the Editor

Burian P., Macek R., Krepl V.
Concept of Agriculture Development in Logar Province, Afghanistan (p.366-372)

Havrland B., Slavik M., Srnec K., Chaloupková P.
New Study Programmes for the State Agrarian University of Moldova (p.373-381)