Volume 31 (1998) - CONTENTS

Scientific papers:
Genet, A., Havel, J.:
Marketing in developing countries and its aplication problems

Jenicek, V.:
Solving of the food problems in developing countries

Zikmundova M, Valicek, P., Vanek, T.:
Content substances in the species Codonopsis pilosula (Franch.) Nannf. under the conditions of Czech Republic. I. Water soluble substances

Truong, T. T., Valicek, P.:
Verification of some methods of vegetative propagation of stevia

Ethan, S., Bababe B.:
Rainfall analysis for production of millet (Pennisetum glaucum L. R.B.) in Maiduguri- Nigeria

Ishaq, N. M., Echekwu, C. A., Olorunju, P. E., Gupta, U. S., Misari, S. M.:
Variability and correlation studies in sugarcane

Munir A. Turk:
Oldman saltbush seed treatment for germination improvement

Ribaudo, C. M., Paccusse, A. N., Rondanini, D. P., Cura, J. A., Fraschina, A. A.:
Azospirillum maize association: effects on dry matter yield and nitrate reductase activity

Chiesa, A., Moccia, S., Frezza, D., Fillippiny de Delfmo, S.:
Influence of potassium fertilization on the postharvest quality of tomato fruits

Moccia, S., Frezza, D., Chiesa, A.:
Time of day at harvest effect on postharvest lettuce quality

Gana, A. K., Adigun, J. A., Adejonwo, K. O., Ndahi, B. W., Busari, L. D.:
Effect of chemical weed control, and intra-row spacing on the growth and yield of popcorn (Zea mays L. var.everta) in the northern guinea savanna of Nigeria

Shaker M. Momany, Sada, I., Vohradsky, F:
Effect of the year of breeding and age of ewes on select reproduction indicators of Charollais sheep breed

Hai, D. T., Blaha, J.:
Effect of low-protein diets with supplementation of essential amino acids on broiper chicken performance

Doan, B. H., Giang, V. D.:
Effects of vitamin C supplementation of a diet for 0-4 week old chicks on the absorption of calcium and phosphorus

Otto, K.:
A contribution on solving the economical and ecological usage of combustion engines in temperate and tropical climatic regions

Jenicek, V, Fekadu Shapa:
Credit financing in the developing countries agriculture

Havel, J., Kozena, L.:
Some specifics of agriculture management in the developing countries

Kokoska, L.:
Antimicrobial effects of Eleutherine subabphylla (Gagnep)

Holubova, K., Mbaidin M.:
Reaction of select varieties of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) on the growing conditions

Mengistu Sime:
Effect of Biosphor and Malan on growth and degree of Brix (°Bx) in cane juice of two sugar-cane varieties

Fantova, M., Kukanova, J.:
Possibilities of utilization of mares' milk

Sada, I., Verner, P., Napravnik, J.:
Antelope breeding (Eland antelope) in select countries of sub-saharan Africa for the purpose of their economic utilization

Kaoma C., Haazele, F., Kawimbe, C.:
A study of trends in livestock populations and causal factors in Zambia

Kapila, P. P.:
Trends in Zambia's agricultural mechanization

Kassa, Belay:
Inappropriate policies and wrong priorities: Invisible causes for the mediocre performance of Ethiopian Agriculture

Al-Mulsi, A. M.:
Possibilities of using some local feed material for fattening broilers instead of imported feed in Yemen