Volume 38,1 (2005)

Volume 38,2 (2005)

Volume 38,3 - 4 (2005)

Volume 38,1 (2005) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Banout J., Váňa J.
The Composter Program and its Potential Use in the Prediction of a Correct Compost Mixture.

Fernández C.E., Pérez V., Robles C., Viehmannová i. :  
Screening of Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) in the Bilbao Rioja and Charcas Provinces of Departament Potosí in Bolivia.

Mirza B.B., Zia M.S., Szombathova N., Zaujec A. :  
Rehabilitation of  Soils through Environmental  Friendly Technologies : Role of  Sesbania and Farm Yard Manure.

Mirza B.B., Zia M.S., Szombathova N., Zaujec A. :
Rehabilitation of  Problem Soils  Through Environmental  Friendly Technologies : Role of  Sesbania and Phosphorus.

Njoka E.M., Muraya M.M., Okumu M. :
The Influences of Plant Density on Yield and Yield Components of Common Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).

Srnec K., Hejkrlík J.:
Microfinance Institutions in Latin America, Africa and South Asia.

Ramamurthy V., Gajbhiye K.S., Venugopalan M.V., Parhad V. N. :  
On-farm Evaluation of Seed Priming Technology in Sorghum  (Sorghum bicolor L.).

Váňa J., Muňoz J. O. J., Havrland B. :  
The Composting of Wastes from Livestock Production.

Review Articles

Aiwa A. :
Measures of the Liberal Policies in Agriculture.

Babička, L., Kocurková, J., Fiedlerová, K., Havrland, B. :  
Reducing Food Safety Risks for Developing Countries.

Havrland B., Srnec K., Al-Hakim H.:
Modern Technologies and Social Progress in Less Developed Countries.

Jeníček V., Krepl V. :
Sustainable Development.

Kapila F. P., Kaoma Ch. :   
A Village Concept of Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Africa.

Rudner M. :
Canada in the World of Development : Official Development Assistance Canada´s  Foreign Policy Framework.

Srnec K., Gebrianová E.:  
HIPC – Initiative Challenges of Maintaining Long-term Debt Sustainability.

Štůsek J. :
Marketing Study of Uniterruptible Power Supplies.

Book Reviews

Krepl V.,  Kapila F.P. ,  Havrland B.,  Komárek F. :
Farm Machinery for Crop Production, Textbook ITS, CUA Prague, 2004 (reviewed by M.Král)

Kohout V., Hajná M.:
World´s Agricultural Systems, Textbook ITS, CUA Prague, 2004 (reviewed by V. Švachula)

Volume 38,2 (2005) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Aba D.A., Abu E., Chindo P.S., Marle P.S., Maigida D.N., Ogungbile A.O.
Characterization of Some released Sorghum Varieties And For Food And Industrial Utilization in Nigeria

Begum A.A., Manos B.  
Impacts of Fertilizer Pricing Policy in Bangladesh: A Multicriteria Analysis

Jeníček V., Krepl V.  
Sustainable Development Reality and Future

Kalfiřtová P, Sovják R.
Improve the Nutitional Value of Fermented dairy Products by Nutraceutical-producing Food –grade Microorganisms

Nyanjage M. O., Nnyalala S. P. O., Illa A. O., Mugo B. W., Limbe A. E., Vulimi E. M.
Extending Post-harvest Life of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annum L. ‘California Wonder’) with Modified Atmosphere packaging and Storage Temperature.).

Oparaeke A.M., Dike M.C., Amatobi C.I.
Botanical Pesticide Mixtures for Insect pest Management on COWPEA, Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp Plants – 2. the Pod Borer, Maruca vitrata FAB. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and Pod Sucking Bug, Clavigralla tomentosicollis Stal (Heteroptera: Coreidae).

Patil S. L., Sheelavantar M. N., Hunshal C. S., Surkod V. S.  
Root growth, Yield and Economics of Winter Sorghum as Influenced by Tillage depths, Organic Materials and Nitrogen Application in Semi-arid Tropical India.

Shanmugam T.R., Vijayalakshmy K.  
Determinants of Agricultural labour Participation in Organisation in India.

Review Articles

Gesimba R.M., Langat M. C.
A review on Weds and Weed Control in Oil Crops with Special Reference to Soybeans (Glycine max L.) in Kenya.

Gumus S.G., Gunden C., Miran B. :  
Factor Demands of Food-manufacturing Industry in Turkey.

Srnec K., Gebrianová E..:
Financial Dualisms and Investment Risk.

Rapid Communications

Adigun J.A.. :
Critical Period of Weed Interference in Rainfed and Irrigated Tomatoes in the Nigerian Savana.

Kanyomeka L., Shivute B.
Influence of Pruning on Tomato Production under Controlled Environments.

Oduho. G.W., Baker D.H., Tuitoek J.K.
Pelagic Fish Rastrineobola argentea as a Protein Source for Broiler Chicken..

Senthil A., Djanaguiraman M., Vijayalakshmi C.
Influence of Seed Treatment of Growth Regulators on Some Enzyme Aktivity in Groundnut under Salinity.

Showemimo F.A., Kimbeng C.A.
Genetic Studies of Sorghum Cultivars under Striga Infestation in Northern Guinea Savannah of Nigeria.

Váňa J., Muňoz J. J. O., Havrland B.
Anaerobic Fermentation of Solid Biowastes.

Volume 38,3 - 4 (2005) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Al Hakimi Khalid Ali Ahmed
Determination of the Critical Day Length of Amaranths (Amaranthus sp.).

Djaboutou C. M., Alabi S.O., Echewku C.A., Orakwue F.C.
Variability and Interrelationship of some Agronomic and Fibre Quality Traits in Multi-Adversity Cotton ( GOSSYPIUM hirsutum L.)

Havrland B., Růžička M., Srnec K.
Impact of Maize-Grain Yield and Price on Net Margin at Mechanized Growing Technology in Zambia

Hekmat Al Hakim, Černý I.
Verification of Tribological Methods for Automobile Park Operating Ability Evaluation in Syrian Arab Republic

Jeníček V., Krepl V.
Problems of the System of International Economic Relationships Including Science and Technology Utilisation

Kroupová P., Šoch M., Lukešová D.
Assessing Effects of Preventive Administration of a Homeopathic Preparation on the Frequency of Calf Diarrhoeas

Lojka B, Preininger D., Lojková J., Banout J., Polesný Z.
Biomass Growth and Farmer Knowledge of Inga edulis in Peruvian Amazon

Písek L., Šoch M., Lukešová D.
Differences in Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Blood Plasma of Cattle from Organic and Conventional Stocks According to Stage of Gravidity

Šilhavá M. , Šoch M., Lukešová D.
Recurrence of Mastitis in Cattle Treated Either by Allopathic, Preventive Homeopathic or Combined Therapy

Šrejbrová P., Šoch M., Lukešová D.
Mutual Realtions between Copper and Zinc in Blood Plasma in some Selected Categories of Cattle and Sheep

Review Articles

Aiwa E., Havel J., Krepl V., Srnec K.
The Role of Agriculture in Economic Development – A Case Study from the Ivory Coast and the Czech Republic

Fejfarová M.
Consequences of Avian Influenza Pandemic Threat

Hes A., Tomšík K.
Innovative Approaches as a Support of Multifunctional Business in an Agrarian Sector

Miková K., Sovják R.
A Review: Possibilities of Allosuckling Occurrence in Camels (Camelus bactrianus)

Pačesný J., Verner V., Jeníček V.
Change in ACP Countries Trade Regime 94

Short Communication

Adigun J. A, Lagoke S. T. O., Adekpe I. D.
Efficacy of Selected Herbicides for Weed Control in Rain-Fed upland Rice in the Nigerian Northern Guidea Savanna

Oduho G.W, Baker D.H.
Some Tropical Hight Tannin Sorghums and their Effects on Broiler Performance