Volume 42,1 (2009)

Volume 42,2 (2009)

Volume 42,3 (2009)

Volume 42,4 (2009)

Volume 42,1 (2009) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Akparobi, S.O.
Effect of Farmyard Manures on the Growth and Yield of Amaranthus cruentus

Gana K.A., Shebayan J.A.Y., Ogunlela V.B. , Odion E.C. , Imolehin E.D.
Path Coefficient Analysis on Growth Parameters of Chewing Sugarcane as Affected by Fertility Rates and Weed Control Treatments at Badeggi, Nigeria

Douglason Godwin O.
Is There a J-Curve in Nigerian Agricultural Sector?

Fasae O.A., Adu I.F., Aina A.B.J., Elemo K.A.
Production, Defoliation and Storage of Cassava Leaves as Dry Season Forage for Small Ruminants in Smallholder Crop - Livestock Production System

Inoni O.E.
Effects of Forest Resources Exploitation on the Economic Well-Being of Rural Households in Delta State, Nigeria

Jeníček V., Krepl V.
World Energy Resources: Oil, Natural Gas

Klíma M. , Abraha E., Vyvadilová M., Bechyně M.
Protoplast Culture and Fusion Between Brassicac carinata and Brassica napus

Review Articles

Taleb M., Bechyně M.
Effect of Catha edulis Leaves on Plasma Glucose

Supplementum of Agricultura Tropica et Subtropica

Conference of ITS Students

Volume 42,2 (2009) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Adigbo, S.O.
Performance of Cowpea Intercropped With Amaranth in an Inland Valley of a Derived Savana

Solomon B., Solomon M., Alemu Y.
The Interdependence of Crop - Livestock Production Sectors: The Case of Sinana Dinsho District in Bale Highlands of Ethiopia

Partl M., Kabát L.
Atracting Cupital and Investment to Least Developing Countries

Štibinger J.
Terrain Experimental Measurement of Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity on Paddy Fields in Taoyuan (Taiwan) During the Cycle of Flooded Period

Review Articles

Inoni O.E., Omotor D.G.
Effect of Road Infrastructure on Agricultural Output and Income of Rural Households in Delta State, Nigeria

Tomeš J., Lukešová D., Macháč J.
Meat Traceability from Farm to Slaughter Using Global Standards and RFID

Short Communications

Jeníček V., Krepl V.
World Energy Resources: Coal, Nuclear Energy

Volume 42,3 (2009) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Adigbo S.O.
Effects of Low Land Rice-Upland Rice-Vegetables/ Cowpea Sequence on Vegetable and Cowpea Rainfed Inland Valley

Akinsorotan A.O., Oladele O.I.
Organizational Values Perceived as Evident among Extension Agents of Agricultural Development Programmes in Nigeria

Azabagaoglu M.O., Gaytancioglu O.
Analyzing Consumer Preference to Different Rice Varieties in Turkey

Martinovska-Stojčeska A., Dimitrievski D., Erjavec E.
Costs and Incomes of Family Farms in Macedonia in a FADN Compatible Accounting and Information System

Mmereole F.U.C.
The Effects of Rebreeding Intervals on the Performance Characteristics of Doe (Rabbits)

Review Articles

Melián-Navarro A.
The Role of Co-operative Banking Systems in the European Union-27: an Analysis of the Spanish Case

Mohammed I. B., Olufajo O.O., Singh B.B., Oluwasemire K.O., Chiezey U.F
Cowpea Genotype and Row Arrangement Efects on the productivity and Economic Returns of Sorghum/Cowpea Intercrop in the Nigerian Savanna

Volume 42,4 (2009) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Babarinde G.O., Fabunmi O.A.
Effects of Packaging Materials and Storage Temperature on Quality of Fresh Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus) Fruit. (pages 151-156).

Niknejad Kazempour M., Anvary M.
Cloning of Phenazine Carboxylic Acid Genes of Fusariu moniliforme Antagonists Bacteria in Escherichia coli DH5? (pages 157-161)

Khayamie S., Mostafa Kazempour M., Rabie B., Sassanie S., Ebadie A.A.
Genetic Characterization of Pseudomonas syringae pv. Syringae Strains from Stone Fruits Based On RAPD Analysis in Iran (pages 162-166)

Maleček P., Kabát L.
Analysis of the Socio-Economic Situation in the SADC Countries (pages 167-173)

Vacek O., Havrland B., Banout J.
Brushwood Biomass Fuel-Energy Development Characteristics in Montado (Region Alentejo, Portugal) (pages 174-180)

Pecen, J., Havrland, B., Krepl, V.
An Influence of Repeated Impact Load on Barley Kernels Properties (pages 181-186)

Srnec, K., Výborná, M., Havrland, B.
Microfinance in Developing Countries and Financial Crisis (pages 187-191)

Review Articles

Němeček Z., Sovják R.
Impact of Preservatives Used in Selected Delicatessen Products on Listeria monocytogenes Survival. Part I. (pages 192-197)

Ojeifo I.M., Emuh F.N.
Effect of Fruit Size, Injury Infliction Techniques and Post Injury Handling on Rotting of Citrullus lanatus (Egusi - Melon) Fruits for Seed Extraction (pages 198-200)

Prášilová M., Kuna Z., Krepl V., Hošková P., Macháček O., Pacáková Z.
Demographic Expansion in Developing Countries (pages 201-207)

Short Communications

Kalous L., Kurfürst J., Petrtýl M., Holíková P., Trefil P.
Zooplankton of Small Ponds in Integrated Fish and Duck Production in Bié Province, Angola (pages 208-210)

Powon M.P., Aguyoh J.N., Mwaja V.
The Economics of the Use of Inorganic Fertilisers and Farm Yard Manure in the Production of Irish Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) (pages 211-214)

Sedaghat R.
A Comparative Study on Pistachio Marketing in Irans Tropics (pages215-219)