Volume 29 (1996) - CONTENTS

Jeníček V.
Indebtedness of developing countries

Ouedraogo, D.
Economical aspects of agricultural technique

Orgi M., Bláha, J.
A study of nutritive value of Nigerian feeds

Shaker Momani, Šáda I., Vohradský F.
Field testing of fattening ability and carcass value in breeding rams of Charollais breed with possibilities of its application in arid regions.

Fantová, M., Černá, J.
Growth of kids of different genotypes

Nguyen Khanh Quac - Iran Van Phung Ghulam Hussain Jaffar
Study on the physiological chracteristics and reproduction of crossbred sows F 1 ...

Jaffar, G. H., Bláha, J.
Performance evaluation of heat-stressed broilers reared in cages, fed on high energy and protein diets supplemented with vitamin C and electrolytes.

Ghulam Hussain Jaffar, Bláha J.
Nutritive value and chemical composition of tropical feedstuffs.

Eloy Fernandez C., Vlcinsky, M., Hrouda, M.
Optimization of the conditions for transformation and regeneration of rape (Brassica napus L)...

Eloy ,F., Opatrny,.Z
Organ specifity of regeneration in explant cultures of yacon, Polymnia sonchifolia

Umar, L.T. Ogunremi.
Effect of soil management on the yield and some yield components of maize at Mokwa in the derived savannah ecotone of Nigeria.

Estimate of pollen viability in sugarcane through in-vitro techniques

Bohacek, M. V.
Drip irrigation in Israel

Farah J.
Agricultural extension in Lebanon

Farah J., Havel J.
Agricultural marketing in Lebanon and in developing countries in general