Volume 41,1 (2008)

Volume 41,2 (2008)

Volume 41,3 (2008)

Volume 41,4 (2008)

Volume 41,1 (2008) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Altmann V., Mimra M., Kollárová M., Malaťák J., Roy A.
Utilisation of Bio-Technological Agents in the Process of Composting

Jeníček V., Krepl V.
Balance of Payments

Lam Viet Dung, Jeníček V.
The Study on Penetration Capacity of Pineapple Products into USA's Market

Khoshkdaman M., Mostafa Niknejad Kazmpour M.N., Ali Akbar Ebadi A.A., Mossanejad S., Pedramfar H.
Identification of Causal Agent of Foot and Sheath Rot of Rice in the Fields of Guilan Province of Iran

Okeyo A., Ouma G.
Effects of Washing and Media on the Germination of Papaya (C. papaya) Seeds

Review Articles

Holíková P., Havrland B., Verner V.
Implementation and Compatibility of European Credit Transfer System: Case Study Moldova

Srnec K., Svobodová E., Divišová M.
China Versus India: Current Tendency of their Economic Development

Book Review

Kouba V.
Veterinary Medicine - A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs and Goats

Kouba V.
Handbook of Zoonoses Identification and Prevention

Supplementum of Agricultura Tropica et Subtropica

Conference of ITS Students

Volume 41,2 (2008) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Abraha E., Bechyně M., Klíma M., Vyvadilová M.
Analysis of Factors Affecting Embryogenesis in Microspore Cultures of Brassica carinata

Jeníček V., Krepl V.
Foreign Trade Policy

Kibar B., Peksen A.
Modelling the Effects of Temperature and Light Intensity on the Development and Mushroom Yield of Pleurotus Species

Review Articles

Adwar T., Lukešová D.
Evaluation of Thermostable Vaccines against Newcastle Disease in Village Chicken Used in Tropics and Subtropics

Lam Viet Dung, Jeníček V.
Callenges with Vietnamese Agricultural Products Joining WTO

Srnec K., Divišová M., Svobodová E.
The Transformation Process in Microfinance Institutions

Rapid Communication

Matingou J.R., Jeníček V.
Trade Facilitation

Volume 41,3 (2008) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

El Ferran I., Sovják R.
The Impact of Disinfectant’s Concentration as CCP Limit on Selected Microbes in Dairy Industry

Kolo M.G.M., Mamudu A.Y.
Water Treatment of Parkia biglobosa Pulp Dressed Maize (Zea mays L.) Seeds for Striga hermonthica Control at Minna, Nigeria

Kamau J.M., Nanua J. N.
Storage Stability of Ram Press Extracted Semi-refined Sunflower Oil

Mavengahama S., Ogunlela V.B. Mariga I.K.
Effective Hardening of Paprika (Capsicum annuum L.) Seedlings for Good Field Establishment and Fruit Yield in the Smallholder System

Öztürk T., Esen B.
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Barley

Review Articles

Rosero O., Lukešová D.
Food and Perspectives on Pig Production System in Colombia

Short Communications

Artukoglu M.M., Olgun A.
Quality Problems in Raw Material of Olive Oil Mills and Marketing Channels: Case of Turkey

Surkova T., Krepl V.
Test Clearing of Drinking and Irrigational Waters in Aral Sea Region by Means of the Chosen Types of the Water Treatment Equipment

Volume 41,4 (2008) - CONTENTS

Original Research Papers

Abraha E., Klíma M., Vyvadilová M., Bechyně M.
Effectiveness of Selected Antimitotic Agents in Microspore Culture for Brassica carinata Doubled Haploid Production

Abraha E., Klíma M., Vyvadilová M., Bechyně M.
Assessment of Some Agronomic and Seed Quality Traits in Brassica carinata Landrace Genotypes, Doubled Haploid Lines and Hybrids

Oladele O.I, Abisoye B. Somorin
Technology and Extension Gaps Among Rice Farmers in Ogun State, Nigeria

Oladele O.I.
Factors Determining Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Extension Services in Oyo State, Nigeria

Sedaghat R.
Enhancing Sustainable Irrigation for Pistachio Farms in Iran's Tropics

Review Articles

Fidan H.
Citrus Overview of the European Union-15 and Turkey

Křepelková V., Sovják R.
High Pressure Inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes in Dry Cured Meat Products

Rapid Communications

Ofuoku A.U., Agumagu A.C.
Farmers’ Perception of Audio Visual Aids on Technology Dissemination by Agricultural Development Programme in Delta State, Nigeria

Short Communications

Sarki A., Memon S.Q., Leghari M.
Comparison of Different Methods for Computing Seepage Losses in an Earthen Watercourse