Volume 36 (2003) - CONTENTS

Scientific Papers:
Adossou F.T., Krepl V., Aiwa E.A.:
Socio-economic Conditions Influences on Agriculture Management in Benin

Havrland B., Kapila P., Krepl V., Srnec K.:
Agricultural Technology Management Program „Agro-Expert“-Prospects of Further Development within the Precion Agriculture Concept

Jenícek V., Krepl V.:
Landscape and Village Sustainable Development

Kapila P., Havrland B., Krepl V., Al-Hakim H.:
Application of Agricultural Technology Managent Program (ATMP) in Zambia

Kishor G., Bani C.:
Decomposition of Agricultural Growth: A Brief in Indian Context

Olorunju S. A. S., Olorunju P. E., Ntare B. R.:
Classification of Early Maturing Groundnut Varieties Ung Multivariate Method

Srnec K., Havrland B.:
Strategy for Development of Rural Finance

Antonínová M., Nežerková P.:
Immobilization and Tranquillization of Common Eland for Transportation Purposes

Kouba V.:
Rinderpest Occurrence and Eradication in Africa and Asia

Shitandi A., Gathoni K.:
Toxin Production by Staphylococcus aureus from Cases of Bovine Mastitis in Kenya

Sovják R., Matejícková R.:
Pilot Study of Animals Welfare at the Abattoirs of Small and Medium Capacity in Less Developed Countries

Frezza D., Moccia S., Fillipini de Delfino S., Chiesa A.:
Cut lettuce Quality in Pasive and Active Modified Atmosphere

Kanyomeka L.:
Survey of Weeds and Frequency of Weeding in Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum ) in North-central Namibia

Owido S. F. O., Chemelil M. C., Nyawade F. O., Obadha W. O.:
Effect of Induced Soil Compaction on Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) Seedling Emergence from a Haplic Phaeozem soil

Robles C. H., Fernández C. E.:
Accelerated Micropropagation Of Banana Species (Musa Ssp. Cavendish)

Sassikumar D., Sudhagar R., Gopalan A.:
Screening of Sunflower Inbreds for Sodicity through Component Analysis

Subramanian A., Senthil A., Subbaraman N.:
Physiological Changes Associated with Induced Moisture Stress Tolerance through Drought Induction Response Technique (DIR) in Maize (Zea mays L.) Genotypes

Tillonell P. A., De Grazia J., Chiesa A.:
Nitrate and Dry Matter Concentration in a Leafy Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) Cultivar as Affected by N-fertilization and Plant Population

Vána J., Munoz J.O.J., Havrland B.:
The Influence of Aeration on Compost Maturity

Venugopalan M. V., Blaise D., Tiwary P., Singh J.:
Productivity Trends in Rainfed Upland and Tree Cotton

Aiwa E. A., Adossou F. T.:
Pineapples: World Production and Market 98